Only 4% of companies are able to combine the right people, tools, data and organizational focus to take advantage in business.

To realize the value of your data, organizations need strategic—and not merely technological—solutions. Compello's experience and analytical expertise help ensure that businesses build the right capabilities to mine data for insights that can enable better decisions and create value.

What we do:


Compello is a leading-edge mobile application development company with many successful projects under its belt. We have created mobile apps of any complexity: from B2C applications to heavy enterprise-grade (B2B) mobile solutions that automate mission-critical business processes.

Compello’s talent pool of mobile app developers includes highly-skilled analysts, UX experts and certified software engineers who are well-versed in building apps for all the major platforms — whether it’s iOS, Android, or both. Apps can be developed natively, or by using cross-platform frameworks like React Native and platforms such as PhoneGap or Xamarin.


We can work in a wide variety of ways with you and your team. We can perform all of the server management, deployment, and support needs for you, or just provide per-incident support assistance, or a mix of the two. You’re in control with our Amazon Web Services consulting.

Though our consulting service is truly custom in nature, we do tend to follow this general workflow with a new client:


Tester -Every software development project must incorporate software testing. Changing requirements too often paired with a faster software development lifecycle increases the hazards of releasing a product before it’s ready for the market. The cost of finding and fixing bugs in software that is deployed before its time can equal up to 50 percent of the total project cost.

When you engage an independent team of QA professionals to do the job, irrespective of the project’s scope and frequency of testing needs, it can save you precious time and money. Galvanizing and maintaining an in-house team of QA engineers demands time and resources. You can save your business money and hassle by outsourcing your QA needs to the professional staff at Compello.

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